Over the last two decades, the SLS project and now BIRD has been driven by a set of values that have guided all our work, team culture, and strategic pilots. Our six core values that are the foundation of Billion Readers: 

  • Dignity: Dignity and inclusion are at the heart of team, process, and outcome. Every person has the agency to script their own lives and live their own dreams. 
  • Simplicity: Simple solutions are the key to cracking complex problems, at mega-scale. 
  • Co-creation: Robust solutions require users to have a decision-making role at all levels. 
  • Coalition: The power to effect system change lies in a fusion of purpose, partnerships, and collective action. 
  • Evidence: Evidence helps us find our North Star and guide our course toward it 
  • Nimble organization: Success builds from a sufficiently small, flexible, and non-hierarchical organization around a committed goal.