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Benefits of SLS

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Reading Practice

SLS provides easy and effortless reading practice every time you turn on a video.

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Language Learning

Home languages can be preserved by adding SLS to audio-visual content.

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Media Accessibility

Entertainment and Education for all.

SLS - A Brilliant Solution for Girls and Women

For a literacy solution to work for girls and women, it must not disrupt their lives.
Thus, adding Same Language Subtitling (SLS) on TV and other entertainment content is an easy way to make reading an integral part of their everyday lives. Through SLS, reading practice becomes part of something they already do i.e. watching TV.

SLS Impact


Women make up 60% (600 millions) of the total weak readers in India. The implementation of SLS for women would mean providing a resource for consistent reading practice thus improving their literacy levels.


The advocacy for the last two decades with other rights-based groups has contributed to the Media Accessibility mandate using SLS captioning, Audio Description under RPWD (Rights of Persons with Disability) and more.


There are ongoing conversations with state governments to bring SLS to each state to help in language preservation and the state's literacy quality.

System Change Story