Same Language Subtitling (SLS) fortifies formal school education aiding reading literacy
60% ‘literates’ in India cannot read. Weak readers are an invisibilized population segment.
Effortless and Cost-effective ways to bolster functional reading.


Adding subtitles to existing entertainment content in the same language as the audio

An estimated 600 million officially “literate” people are weak readers who need a lifelong path to reading practice and progress. Eye-tracking research suggests that SLS can help pave that path.


How lockdown TV could boost children’s literacy

Turn on Subtitles is a campaign based out of the UK, urging broadcasters and streamers to switch on subtitles for Kids’ programming content. Proj. Brij Kothari of the Billion Readers fame, serves on the Academic Advisory Board of this UK-based campaign. 

Social Innovation

Karaoke as a way to promote literacy

Simple, low cost solution that can be scaled globally as every culture resonates with watching songs in their own language.


What People Say

“A small thing that has a staggering impact on people’s lives”

Clinton Former US President

Turn on the subtitles and let the magic begin.”

Stephen Fry Actor, Director