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Teachers Advocate SLS

SLS improves comprehension, develops language skills, supports multilingual classes, makes learning interactive and fun, brings cultural awareness and can create an opportunity for parents to engage in their child's homework

You can use our digital library of SLS content for different grades containing videos with SLS and associated learning exercises, games, competition formats and frameworks to support educators to use the content as they see fit for their context.

Explore SLS as a Tool

A bridge for English learning

SLS could be an effective way of learning a new language based on familiarity. Some examples include - dubbing popular entertainment content in children's mother tongues in English or using bilingual videos . We can provide these English learning packages catering to the needs of your classrooms!

Classroom essential

Decide the number of hours of exposure of SLS in your class and accordingly plug the content in. We recommend at least 3 hours of SLS content per week in classes and at home assignments. It can become part of language subjects or arts class or students clubs activities.

Are you a teacher who wants to use SLS in your classroom ?

SLS is a versatile tool that can be customized to meet the unique needs of different educational settings and student populations. If you are a teacher with any of the following needs, reach out to us!

  • For struggling English language learners
  • For verbal communication comprehension and phonics and pronunciation
  • For students with disabilities
  • For inculcating critical thinking
  • For reinforcing classroom learning at home
  • For oral presentation practice