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SLS is a Legal Compliance

In 2019, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) passed the Accessibility Standards (AS) for TV, setting a target of SLS on half of all TV entertainment by 2025.

SLS means inclusion

SLS means Accessibility

SLS allows individuals with deafness to access and understand spoken content by providing a visual representation of the dialogue or audio information.

SLS promotes equality awareness

The availability of SLS in media and entertainment promotes awareness of the deaf and hard-of-hearing community’s needs and encourages advocacy for greater accessibility in various aspects of life.

SLS means independence

Availability of SLS reduces the need for an interpreter or reliance on others for information.

SLS optimizes entertainment

Individuals with deafness can enjoy movies, TV shows, and online videos with SLS, making the entertainment experience more enjoyable and inclusive.

SLS for inclusive education

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Schools for the
deaf in India

Less than 5% enrolment
of students with deafness

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Only 1% have access
to quality education

SLS can be used in educational settings to make audiovisual educational content accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing students, ensuring they have equal opportunities to learn and engage with curriculum materials.

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