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CBFC workshop

Efforts by MIB & CBFC

In 2019 the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) passed the Accessibility Standards (AS) for TV, setting a target of SLS on half of all TV entertainment by 2025. Currently, the Central Board for Film Certification (CBFC) is also working to incorporate accessibility features at the source of production for films.

TV channels leading the way!

Explore our curated collection of TV programs that align with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting's accessibility standards mandate. These shows prioritise inclusivity by incorporating Same Language Subtitling as an accessibility feature. Discover a diverse range of content that ensures everyone can enjoy television, regardless of their abilities.

Accessibility on OTTs

Streaming is the next big opportunity for lifelong reading. Although streaming is yet to make major inroads into the homes of our 850 million non- and weak-readers, it is imminent in the near-future. BIRD will continue to focus its SLS intervention on content and not distribution channels or devices.

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