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CHILDREN Understand Content Better With SLS

With SLS, entertainment content becomes educational, joyfully.

SLS on favourite cartoons or children's stories, builds an environment of becoming familiar with words and content they are watching. And in doing all of this, they are learning to read and write a language. It is not just an educational experience but a cultural experience too where kids get to relate with a language of their choice.

Children love SLS

We have interviewed many children in urban and
rural areas in Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, etc

There's one thing that is common everywhere we go

Children absolutely love SLS
and get its benefits intuitively!

Hear their testimonies below.

WE'VE made Books Enchanting with SLS + ANIMATION

We have a repository of stories in 45+ languages on our YouTube channel.

These stories make for good content for kids and provide an active reading practice every time they watch a video.

Anibooks 1
Play Video about Anibooks 1
Anibooks 2
Play Video about Anibooks 2

Enhance your child's reading improvements and language learning with our Anibooks

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    Enhance your child's reading improvements and language learning

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